Tips for Preparing Your Truck for Winter Driving

Tips for Preparing Your Truck for Winter Driving

January 26, 2023

When dealing with the upcoming cold weather, preparation is crucial. It's helpful to book an appointment to get your truck serviced before the true harsh winter conditions arrive.  In addition to a professional service, there are some things that you can do to make sure your heavy-duty truck is prepared for winter driving. Here is a list of some useful tips that you can follow. It will help you get the most out of your truck while navigating through harsh winter roads. 

Examine your tires

Worn-down tire treads and slick, icy winter roads are a dangerous combination.  Slick winter roads can  cause worn tires to have an increased stopping distance and reduce your truck’s stability. You can avoid slip-and-slide accidents by purchasing new tires or installing snow tires for less than the cost of a single collision insurance deductible. Use an inexpensive tire tread depth gauge to assess your tread depth. Check the tread depth on each tire's center and outer edges. 

Check your truck battery 

If you’re operating on cold winter roads it might be worthwhile to invest in a computerized battery tester that can be used to inspect your truck’s battery, starter, and entire charging system. You’ll want to make sure that your truck’s batteries have ample charge to get you through upcoming hauls.  

While you’re at it, be sure to check to make sure your battery terminals are clean. Debris and corrosion on battery posts and connections may make it difficult to start in the cold and prevent your charging system from recharging your battery.

Treat diesel fuel for winter temperatures

Cold weather can damage your diesel fuel and the fuel system. Speak with your diesel repair specialist and see if fuel treatments might be recommended given your driving location. When selecting a fuel treatment option, it’s best to consider the lowest temperatures you could face on the road. 

Ensure that your door locks are lubricated

It’s fairly rare for truck drivers to use an actual key for cab entry given the convenience of key fobs.  But if you are travelling a lot in excessively cold conditions it’s a good idea to make sure you’re locks are properly lubricated.  You can also purchase a lock deicer and keep it on your person if outside of your vehicle.  In extreme cold keyless entry fob batteries can cease to work, leaving you having to access your truck the old-fashioned way. 

Lubricate latches and hinges

While you're focusing on lubricating your door locks, why not take a little extra time and make sure that your truck’s hood and fuel tank hinges are lubricated as well?  Consider that your hood latch mechanism is located directly below the truck grille, and as such is prone to rusting and seizing due to the salt spray from the road. You can keep the latch mechanism from corroding by lubricating it before the snow falls.

Final words

Follow these tips, and you will be able to get your truck ready for driving in harsh winter conditions.