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Forklift Repair Service in Texas

Our technicians specialize in the repair and maintenance of electric and diesel powerplants alongside gas lifts and other types of lifting equipment.

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Why Texas Chooses A-Z for Forklift Repair

When it comes to fixing your forklift, our technicians specialize in the repair and maintenance of electric and diesel powerplants alongside gas lifts and other types of lifting equipment. Our team can quickly diagnose any issue your forklift might face and have it back up and running in no time. We come to you, so you can rest assured that you’ll have the quickest turnaround time possible for repairs and can consult with our technicians on any questions you may have


When it comes to forklifts and other heavy equipment, the engine and transmission are the heart of the vehicle. Without either running at peak performance, your forklift won’t run at its best and crucial productivity will end up impacted. It’s just as crucial to our team at A-Z Truck & Trailer Repair as it is to our customers that their forklift’s engine and transmission are running at optimal levels. Our dealer-level technicians can diagnose any engine and transmission issues on any make or model. If you start seeing problems with your forklift such as low fuel economy, gear-shifting issues, engine power loss or knocking, increased oil consumption, or overall poor performance give A-Z Truck & Trailer Repair a call.


With the loads forklifts and other heavy equipment is built to handle and the environments they’re typically operating in, safety features such as brakes are essential to maintaining a safe working environment. We only use the highest quality components on your brakes to make sure they’re running at optimal performance.

Hydraulic/Cylinder Leaks

A forklift or heavy equipment’s hydraulic systems are essential in doing the job they’re designed to do. However, any faults with these systems can be both a safety concern and a loss in productivity. At A-Z Truck & Trailer Repair, we can help with whatever hydraulic or cylinder leaks your forklift may be facing. Even if a leak is contained in one area, over time these leaks can impact the system overall and turn critical. Our technicians aim to prevent any accidents from these leaks and strive to prevent any further problems from these components when needed most.


When it comes to forklifts and other heavy equipment, the vehicle’s electrical systems are important in ensuring it runs smoothly and efficiently with minimal productivity downtime. Performing consistent and preventive maintenance on the various electrical components of your forklift such as the starter, batteries, control box, and switches can ensure the vehicle operates at peak efficiency. If you find yourself having trouble with your forklift not starting or other electrical issues, we advise you to first check your cables to make sure proper connections are being made with the appropriate components. For anything else, give A-Z Truck & Trailer Repair a call and we’ll send a technician out to you.

Forklift Maintenance

At A-Z Truck & Trailer Repair we offer monthly, quarterly, and semi-annual maintenance programs to keep your forklift and other heavy equipment in optimal condition. Our services vary between the three programs per appropriate maintenance schedules. We can also offer further checks during these maintenance schedules at your request. See below for what we offer. We also recommend following the monthly, quarterly, and semi-annual lists if you wish to perform your own maintenance to ensure your forklift is operating at peak performance.

Monthly Forklift Maintenance
  • Change oil
  • Clean air filter
  • Adjust ignition and idle speed
  • Check lift and tilt cylinder
  • Inspect glow plugs, cap and rotor, and distributor points
  • Lubricate chassis and mast components
Quarterly Forklift Maintenance
  • Adjust clutch release
  • Replace fuel filters
  • Replace hydraulic filters
  • Clean radiator
  • Check differential and transmission oil, hoses, and PCV valves
  • Check hand brakes
  • Check the pedal for free-play
  • Adjust tilt cylinders, mast support, and chassis links
  • Check the hydraulic oil pump
  • Inspect lift chain tension, carriage rollers, lift and tilt cylinders, and mast operations
Semi-Annual Forklift Maintenance
  • Replace brake fluid
  • Check brake boost operation
  • Replace strainer elements, fuel filter, and water separator
  • Replace engine coolant, wheel bearings, and grease unit
  • Check manifold nuts and engine bolts
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